Wellness Bargain Box
Wellness Bargain Box
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Wellness Bargain Box

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Serene- Helps to improve mood. Intoxicating florals are sweetened by the scent of summer fruits, before
powdery petals of lilac and white jasmine soften a herbal heart of
lavender and pine. A sweet balsamic base of woods, musk and vanilla
create a lingering trail.

Healing Therapy -enabling you to tap into the healing energy of
the forest environment and its many human health benefits. Backed by scientific
evidence, our Forest Therapy technology demonstrates the benefits of
phytoncides and together, we can develop authentic concepts to
promote wellness inspired by the growing trend for forest bathing.

he positive effects of spending time surrounded by nature are widely
recognised. In Japan, they practice forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku as it’s
This unique tradition is thought to ease stress and promote relaxation by
unlocking the power of the forest through all five senses. So, whether it’s
the feeling of sunlight filtering through the branches, admiring the
beautiful spectrum of colours or listening to the sound of birdsong -
forest bathing is about fully immersing yourself in nature.
It’s estimated that Japan now has 62 designated therapeutic woods,
attracting about 5 million visitors annually, and the idea of forest bathing
is fast becoming popular in other parts of the world too.
Forest bathing is about taking in the atmosphere of the forest through all
five senses but to truly capture the healing energy of nature, our sense
of smell plays a vital role.
When we’re surrounded by trees, we breathe in natural substances
called phytoncides. Phytoncides are volatile compounds that are emitted
by the plants and trees, and many people claim phytoncide exposure as
one the main benefits of forest bathing.

Embrace the healing powers of the forest with this fresh, aromatic
fougere fragrance. Revitalising citrus notes of lemon and bergamot are
lifted by lush green accents and touches of geranium, while the heart
emerges through violet leaves, lavender, rose and jasmine. On dry
down, warm amber and smooth sandalwood unite with soft musks.

Dream On- Improve Sleep. A herbal aromatic fragrance where relaxing lavender and fresh
eucalyptus are enveloped by a heart of vibrant green stems and cool
marine notes followed by a base of tonka bean and oakmoss.

Energise- Improve Mood.         

Sweet and fruity, the fragrance bursts to life with dazzling fresh citrus
tones blended with crisp apple, and breezy ozonic notes. A vibrant heart
of lily, jasmine and orchid comes to rest on a base of autumn leaves,
sweetened with sugar and gentle musks.